• Drive safely on slippery roads.

    Find out how you can get rid of the skid. Learn more
  • Don’t drive impaired.

    Driving under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription medication now carries the same severe penalties as drinking and driving.Learn more
  • Celebrate and enjoy the holiday season, but don’t drink and drive.

    Call Operation Red Nose for a safe ride home.Learn more
  • When snow piles up, it’s hard to see over or around it.

    Make sure it’s safe when entering a roadway. Honk your horn, creep forward slowly, lean forward, look both ways and be ready to stop immediately.Learn more
  • Get a grip with low-interest financing on winter tires.

    Even if you’re driving safely, winter roads can be slippery. Reduce your risk on the road by purchasing winter tires with low-interest financing.Learn more